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Travis Jackson – Shoreline Mornings

Travis has lived in Kincardine since 2016, but has spent every summer camping in the area since he was a kid.
Since moving to town, Travis has had the opportunity to interview sports legends, music icons, entertainers, and prominent politicians.
Travis usually can be found drinking piña coladas, getting caught in the rain, or sleeping in his van down by the river.
E-mail: Travis

Greg Hetherington – Mid-Day Announcer

Originally from the small town of Thamesville, Ontario, Greg has worked in local radio for more than 30 years.
Greg lives and breathes community and is usually found attending local events, learning more about the fantastic offerings of the community by playing a tourist role, or spending time with his amazing wife Kelly.
E-mail: Greg


Brandon Burge – Shoreline Afternoon Drive


Allow myself to introduce…myself…
My name is Brandon Burge and I absolutely love radio. I’m a fan of all things music and my beloved sports teams, the Leafs, Raps and Jays!
I’m from a small town in Nova Scotia and I spent a large portion of my life growing up (or not) just down the road in St. Thomas, Ontario.
I’m always here to chat, I love getting your thoughts and stories because it’s YOU, the listeners who make my job so much fun. Cheers to cold beer, great music and all the beauty on the Shoreline!
E-mail: Brandon

Eric Thompson – Morning News

Eric is a nomad, both because he’s lived in a ton of places and he’s almost never angry. This easy-going fella from Belleville has also spent time chasing stories in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ottawa, Vancouver, Kamloops, North Bay and now he’s excited to make Kincardine his next stop.

A lover of all sports, Eric has been burdened with Chicago Bears fandom, so he’s very used to disappointment. He’s also learned much in the way of patience during his first year of dog ownership. So give him a shout to let him know whatever is on your mind, he’s always ready to listen.

E-mail: Eric


Roland Archer – News Announcer

Hailing from the City of St. Thomas, Ontario, Roland has loved radio since he was a co-op at CFHK in the 90’s. He has taken a long journey through broadcasting that has led him to The Ranch.
Roland loves becoming a part of the communities he works in and is looking forward to becoming a part of the area. He loves meeting new friends and telling great stories both on the News and through his own social media.
E-mail: Roland

Richard Seely | Sales

Rich and his family chose Walkerton as their home back in 2009. They chose the area as their new home desiring the opportunity to leave the city and move to the wide open spaces of Bruce & Grey Counties and Ontario’s West Coast! He spent the past few years as a financial services advisor for a locally based insurance firm and then went mobile doing design work for a fire safety firm.

Rich is happy to be back out of the house and he’s looking forward to meeting you in his travels around the community!

When he’s not cheering for the Montreal Canadian you can find him is rooting for whomever is beating the Leafs on a given night!

He thinks of himself as being the master of his own domain. When he’s not trying to have the greenest lawn in the neighborhood he’s resting in the backyard perfecting his BBQ ribs

E-mail Richard Seely


Nick Cadotte – Manager

Nick is passionate about everything local. Newly relocated to the area Nick is excited to build roots in the community.
Nick was the Sales Manager at a sister station, 99.1 FM CKXS in Wallaceburg for the past three years then launched 100.1 FM The Ranch in Listowel, and is well known for creating unique branding opportunities for local businesses and organizations.
Nick is a strong believer in fair pricing, quality local content and giving back as much as possible. Nick loves animals, boating, and antiques.
E-mail: Nick