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Bluewater Firefighters Honoured for Years of Service



Bluewater council has honoured the dedication of several firefighters.

6 Bluewater firefighters were all recognized for their remarkable commitment to safeguarding the community for their years of service.

Every firefighter was recognized from service spanning from 20 to 45 years.

The ceremony during a council meeting last week saw the presentation of prestigious awards recognizing the long standing contributions of each firefighter.

Firefighters honoured;

  • Firefighter Gerard Boon, 45 years, Brucefield Station
  • Captain Ron Thompson, 40 years, Brucefield Station
  • Firefighter Greg Campbell, 40 years, Hensall Station
  • Deputy District Chief Brian Cooper, 30 years, Hensall Station
  • District Chief Jeff Denys, 20 years, Brucefield Station
  • Retired Captain Pete Bedard, 20 years, Hensall Station