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Blyth Festival Celebrating 50 Years



There is plenty on the stages to look forward at the Blyth Festival who celebrate their 50th anniversary. 2 upcoming plays are set to hit the stage in just a few weeks which will run next week.

“Saving Graceland” and “The Farm Show: Then and Now” will kick off the anniversary year which will go until September.

Rachel King, General Manager of the Blyth Festival says they are beyond thrilled to have marked the milestone in the area.

“This is a village of 1000 people and the fact there is a world renowned Canadian theatre that has existed and thrived in this village is a testament to this community.” said King.

Blyth Festival opens up their year with performances on both the Harvest Stage and at Memorial Hall.

The full schedule can be found here: blyth_festival_2024_schedule