Bruce Power introduces new Ontario Isotope Innovation Hub


Bruce Power has unveiled a new Isotope Innovation Hub.

In a news release, the hub will strengthen Ontario’s position as an international leader in life-saving medical isotope production.

They say this will bring together leading experts from across the medical isotope and radiopharmaceutical fields to leverage their knowledge, capabilities and capacities, and to develop innovative ideas that can address real-world challenges faced by radiopharmaceutical developers, and physicians.

The hub also includes the Kinectrics Centre for Medical Isotopes and Nuclear Chemistry in Etobicoke.

They say the centre aims to extend its capabilities across the medical isotope supply chain from stable isotope enrichment to international supply of the next generation of therapeutic and imaging isotopes for cancer treatment and diagnoses.

In addition, Isogen (a joint venture between Kinectrics and Framatome) and Bruce Power have also launched a Global Expressions of Interest Process (EOI) for radiopharmaceutical organizations interested in locating in Ontario for isotope production.

They say this process will run until mid-2023 and will help further cement Ontario and Canada’s role as an isotope superpower.