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Huron-Perth Immigrant Survey Wraps Up This Week



The Huron-Perth Immigrant Survey wraps up this week with newcomers, temporary workers, international students and their families still being encouraged to respond.

The survey, developed in partnership with a number of organizations within the community aims to hear from immigrants and newcomers and their experiences, struggles and strengths as well as get feedback on how to improve various services.

Mark Nonkes, Manager of Huron County’s Immigration Partnership says this survey is open to all immigrants from newcomers to those who arrived and have settled in the county for many years.

“We don’t want to hear from people who just arrived in the last few years but 5, 10, 15 years ago as well. It’s important to understand historical experiences and how people contribute to the community the longer they stay” said Nonkes.

The survey is available until November 24th with those who complete it being entered in for a draw of 13 prizes including prepaid credit cards and Tim Hortons gift cards.

The survey can be completed here.