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No big changes to Huron-Bruce electoral boundaries



The Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission has listened to local governments, so there will be few changes to electoral districts in the region if their recommendations are passed.

The commission published its final report on the new boundaries Friday and saying they received criticism for ignoring county limits when proposing new districts.

As a result, the only notable change to the area is the Township of Howick getting moved into the Huron—Bruce district, realigning it with the rest of the county.

Though their was talk of moving Brockton and South Bruce out of the Huron Bruce district, those municipalities voiced their opposition on similar grounds of county alignment.

The commission said their new proposed name for the region, South Huron Shores, was also widely rejected for failing to describe the district.

MP Alex Ruff said that while there are still a few final steps yet to be completed by the commission; he doesn’t anticipate any changes that will impact his riding of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound.

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