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North Huron Residents Concerned on Recreation Fee Increases



North Huron residents are starring down the barrel of a massive increase in recreation fees heading into 2024.

A draft proposal of the 2024 fees and charges for North Huron was approved by council earlier this month which includes the cutting of senior and student discounts at the recreation centre and removing the “complete pass” giving access to the fitness centre, pool and courts for free.

Councilor Mitch Wright says the changes are too much and could see fees triple to what they are now.

“Right now a senior or student who wants to participate and use the squash courts, swim in the pool and access the fitness centre pays $516 annually. This staff proposal is indicating that cost would go up to $1820. That is going up more than three times. I am dead set against that, I think that is a crazy fee increase” Wright.

North Huron citizens have been vocal on social media on the proposal with some saying the fee increases are enough to cancel their memberships.

Others have used this as a call to action and invite fellow concerned citizens to voice their concerns at the town hall on Monday at 6pm when council votes on the new fee structures.