One Care Launches Gift of Care Fundraising Campaign

With each Donation received a One Care Client will get a Hand Made Crochet Blanket made and donated by the Crochet Club of London.


One Care Home & Community Support Services have just launched their Annual Winter Gift of Care Campaign.

Throughout the campaign One Care is asking for donations to support the many people who need care during a season that can be challenging and isolating.

They say that the campaign is crucial to ensuring seniors and older adults with health challenging living in Huron and Perth Counties receive the support they need not only throughout the holidays but the winter months as well.

Donations can be made in honour of someoneĀ  in lieu of a material gift or in memory of a loved one and made in any amount.

To make a donation visit

This year with each donation, a One Care Client will receive a hand crocheted blanket made and donated by the Crochet Club of London.

The blankets, they say, will provide comfort and warmth to someone in need like the care One Care provides.