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Saugeen Shores facing School Space Shortage with Growing Population

Other issues facing Town is affordable housing with over 600 people registered for the program but some dropping off after prolonged wait.



The Town of Saugeen Shores Council touched on the topic of area school capacities during a discussion on affordable housing at Monday’s meeting. In the discussion Councillor C. Dianne Jacques discussed the long-standing history of inadequate capacity for area students.

“In 1969-1970 Saugeen Central School was built. A new school with 8 portables. 1976 Saugeen District Highschool was built, a new high school, and it had 6 portables because of the growth in this community. It’s great to have schools built but we need to anticipate numbers. The last schools built did not anticipate the numbers.”

In terms of affordable housing, the numbers are even more shocking.

“We have 600 people on the list. That is just the number that have applied. There is many more that have gotten off the list because they’ve realized they’ve been on the list for 10 years and not gotten a home.”

Mayor Luke Charbonneau made a note to thank staff of the recent letters sent to the Minister of Education on raising awareness of the shortage of school spaces and the need for a new elementary school in Saugeen Shores. He advised that any new school is 5 years from opening its doors.