Bluewater School Board Director Thanksgiving Message

Closes message to Indigenous Communities both past & present saying much to learn.


The Director of Education at the Bluewater District School Board has issued a Thanksgiving Message to the community ahead of the Thanksgiving Holiday.

In the statement, Lori Wilder says that she is thankful for the 17,400 students the board serves, for the parents/guardians and families who are their greatest allies in student learning and well-being, thankful for the Bluewater staff, for the Trustees and Senior Leadership and others in supporting roles and thankful for our long list of diverse partners who support, enhance and contribute to the work done by the board every day.

She adds that with the recent first-time acknowledgement of the National Day for Truth & Reconciliation, this year she also wants to express a special thanks to those in our Indigenous communities past and present.

She ends by wishing everyone a safe, relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend.