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Canine Blood Donor Event



Nicole Arruda from the Canadian Animal Blood Bank joins J.C. on the Shoreline Morning Show to talk about the need for canine blood donation and an upcoming clinic at Kincardine Veterinary Services.

If you are interested please contact our Office Manager, Kelly at info@kinvet.com or feel free to stop by!

You are not required to be a patient of KVS. This is open to all.

Canine Donors must be:

  • Between 1-10 years of age
  • Weigh over 55 lbs (25Kg)
  • Up to date on vaccinations or proof of titres
  • Even temperament
  • In good health as deemed by your primary care veterinarian

Perks for being a donor:

  • Eligible to receive one complimentary blood product for every unit of donated blood, should the need ever arise
  • Free microchip identification after 2nd donation
  • Bandana & blood donor tag
  • Milestone dog tags every 5 donations
  • Complimentary testing for blood borne diseases and heartworm. Any abnormal test results will be forwarded to your veterinarian.

The Canadian Animal Blood Bank is a not-for-profit (CRA registered charity) that saves the lives of dogs across Canada by leading education in transfusion medicine and making the highest quality blood available to veterinarians and dog owners.

Canine blood has many different types and sub-types.

We type for the Dog Erythrocyte Antigen (DEA) 1 Negative and Positive.

DEA 1 Negative donors are considered to be universal donors, as their blood can be administered to either DEA 1 Positive or DEA 1 Negative recipients.

Only 40% of all dogs are DEA 1 Negative and they should ONLY receive Negative blood if they are in need.

Watch Lou donate here.

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