Grey Bruce Public Health offers Thanksgiving Recommendations

Dr. Arra says we should continue to be kind & thoughtful to all and reach out a helping hand to those in need


Dr. Ian Arra and Grey Bruce Public Health offered some recommendations for families getting together for the Thanksgiving Holiday in light of the health measures in place to battle Covid-19.

They say family gatherings should not exceed 25 people indoors and 100 people outdoors. They say the fewest number of people possible at your party or gathering and use outdoor spaces whenever possible.

Hosts are asked to provide all necessary supplies to ensure proper hygiene including hand sanitizer, soap and a supply of water.

Open windows during indoor events whenever possible.

Clean and disinfect high-touch services often.

Ask guests to not attend if they have symptoms, even if they are mild.

Remind those attending to follow public health guidance

If you serve food and drinks those serving should wash hands before and frequently during preparation and serving and have everyone wash their hands before and after eating.