Huron Chamber hears of Issues with Vaccine Passport Rollout

As of today proof of vaccination and ID is required for some indoor activities


Premier Doug Ford held a press conference Wednesday afternoon to explain better the reasoning behind the launch of the vaccine passport program across the province.

The implementation means that residents need to provide proof of full vaccination plus 14 days before being able to take part in indoor activities at area business.

These activities include indoor dining, exercising at gyms or fitness facilities and attending sporting events such as hockey games. Ford said this of the necessity of the program.

“I know that this is a divisive issue and that’s understandable. I want you to know that I hear you. Our government understands your concerns and it’s no secret that I was reluctant to use this tool. But our highest concern, and one that keeps me up at night, is ensuring we never lose our hard fought progress.”

Yesterday was the first day, restaurants, gyms, and other non-essential businesses and venues in Ontario were required to ask for proof of vaccination.

There were no reports of any major incidents that were the result of the new regulations being imposed by the Ford government.

However, Huron Chamber of Commerce Manager Heather Boa says there are still some confusion about how the vaccine passport rollout will be handled.



Boa says some restaurants are closing indoor dining rooms in response to not only the vaccine passport but also a shortage of staff.

The Chamber and other business organizations ask the public to be patient as the vaccine passport requirement is implemented.

If the public has concerns about the program they are asked to contact their local provincial government representative rather than take any frustration out on business owners just trying to adhere to the new requirements.