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Local municipalities rail against Bill 23

Saugeen Shores and Kincardine have both voiced their opposition to the province's controversial More Homes Built Faster Act



Local municipalities have been sending responses to the province to share their opposition with Bill 23 before today’s deadline.

Comments for the bulk of the changes brought on by the More Homes Built Faster Act must be submitted to the Ontario government by Nov. 24.

At Monday’s meeting, Kincardine council Amanda Steinhoff-Gray noted that turnaround was very quick, considering that they were just inaugurated last week. CAO Jillene Bellchamber-Glazier says they haven’t even had a chance to get an opinion from those in charge of local planning services, as Bruce County Council won’t have a chance to meet until Dec. 1.

Kincardine voted in favour of sending their concerns to the province, as did Saugeen Shores council. Mayor Luke Charbonneau says an act like this won’t solve a problem that’s developed over a long period of time.

“I think it’s important to step back and remember how we got here,” Charbonneau said at their Nov. 21 meeting. “It’s not as though, four or five years ago, the provincial government was jumping up and down screaming about affordable housing. They were nowhere on that file, just like municipalities were not where we needed to be. We all came to the revelation too late and at the same time.”

“So what should the answer be? It shouldn’t be to limit our ability to contract with conservation authorities, limit our flexibility to implement development charges, limit our discretion to identify heritage properties; it should instead be to give us more autonomy.”

Comments on Bill 23 can be submitted online, or you can contact your local MPP. To track the bill’s progress, visit here.