Local Support Growing for Chapmans Ice Cream in Response to Boycott

Online group "Unvaxxed Canada"pressing for Boycott after Chapmans Offers $1 raise to Employees Who Get Vaccinated


There is a social media campaign going viral in support of local ice cream manufacturer Chapmans Ice Cream in Markdale. The #IStandWithChapmans movement comes into response to a group that self-describes themselves as anti-vaxxers focusing on the company for a boycott after Chapmans offered to increase the pay to employees who get vaccinated against Covid-19.

The $1 per hour raise is aimed at rewarding employees rather than enforcing a hardline vaccine policy.

The move has prompted a response from within their own workers with several unvaccinated staff sending the news to the prominent social media group entitled “Unvaxxed Canada” and issuing a call to boycott the company online.

The company’s latest vaccination figures disclosed in early November indicated that only 100 of their 850 employees had yet to receive either 1 or both of their vaccine doses.