Ontario Federation of Agriculture offers Local Holiday Meal Options

Local Food Options Available even when the Temperature Drops and the Snow Flies


The Ontario Federation of Agriculture released suggestions today on how to choose local when selecting food items for your upcoming holiday dinner.

OFA President Peggy Brekveld says there are always local food options even when the temperature drops and the snow flies.

She adds that the harvest may be over and the field dormant but there is more to Ontario than food produced from a field.

She says Ontario farmers grow or raise 200 commodities and to support them during the holiday season by filling your plate with homegrown products.

Appetizers: Choices are abundant. Ontario cheese and cured meats are a good starter. Load up the vegetable tray with an abundance of fresh raw veggies like carrots and greenhouse peppers and cucumbers. Stuffed mushrooms are also a great warm up snack.

Side Dishes: Pickled, canned or frozen at their peak vegetables including tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, beans, sweet corn, carrots and more.  Ontario potatoes; mashed or scalloped are a staple of the Christmas plate.

Main Course: Ontario raised meat and poultry and never out of season. The traditional turkey, or diversify with some ham or beef as a secondary option.

Drinks: VQA wine comes from Ontario vineyards. Ontario ciders are made with Ontario apples, Canadian whisky is made from Canadian grains and craft beers may contain locally grown hops. Look for local juices made with local fruits and the milk from your local grocery store most certainly originates from an Ontario Dairy Farm.

The OFA recommends checking Foodland Ontario’s Availability Guide for a full list of Ontario Produce.