Town rejects school board’s request for provision in subdivision plan


The Mayor of Saugeen Shores says it is up to the Bluewater District School Board to build new schools in new residential areas.

A major revision to draft plan of subdivision being proposed for the south end of Port Elgin was delivered at the Town’s April 25th Committee of the Whole meeting.

The public school board asked that the Town put in a provision to inform potential homebuyers that there is no guarantee that there will be a school nearby, and that children may have to be bused to schools out-of-town.

Luke Charbonneau says that is not the responsibility of the Town adding more should be done to build new schools in Saugeen Shores.

Charbonneau says with the major projects happening at Bruce Power and more people moving up to live here, it is important to have schools in town.

Council turned down the school board’s request at the meeting, and it was officially confirmed this past Monday.