Blyth brewery plans concerts thanks to $96,000 in tourism funding


Cowell Brewing in Blyth is preparing to become a small concert destination in Huron County thanks to the Reconnect Ontario Program funding it received recently.

The brewery was part of a group of organizations who were given grants to support tourism and culture. Cowbell received $95,645 of the over $750,000 that was awarded to various festivals, art centres and tourist attractions in Huron-Bruce.

Cowbell Chief Operating Officer Natasha Fritzley confirmed the plans recently, saying they are thrilled to have the opportunity to draw incredible Canadian artists to Huron County once again.

Fritzley added that as they work to recover from the pandemic, alongside their partners in local tourism they are thankful for the support provided by the provincial government.

An announcement of the first concert in the series is expected to be released within the next week.